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                                  What’s your name?  

                                  What’s your surname?

                                  How do you spell that?


                                  Where do you come from?

                                  Do you study English at school?

                                  What other subjects do you study?

                                  What subjects do you like best? Why?

                                  What subject is the most difficult? Why?

                                  What do you like about your school?  


                                  How do you travel to school every day?

                                  What do you usually do after school?

                                  How much homework do you often do?

                                  When do you watch TV?  

                                  Which programme do you like best?

                                  Do you watch programmes in English

                                  How often do you go shopping?

                                  What do you like buying?  

                                  Who do you like going shopping with?


                                  Which season do you best, summer or winter?

                                  What do you like doing in summer/winter?

                                  What clothes do you wear in summer /winter?

                                  How much time do you spend using a computer?

                                  How often do you chat to your friends online? Do you likecomputer games?

                                  What do you like doing in your free time?

                                  Who do you like spending your free time with?

                                  How much free time do you have?

                                  What sports do you like doing?  

                                  What other things do you do in your free time?

                                  How often do you dance?

                                  Do you like pop music?  

                                  Who is your favourite band or singer?

                                  Can you play the piano or the guitar?

                                  What do you usually do on weekends?

                                  What did you do last weekend?    

                                  What time did you get up on weekends?

                                  When is your birthday?  

                                  What do you usually do on your birthday?

                                  What gift did you get for your last birthday?


                                  Tell me something about your best friend?

                                  Tell me something about your school day.

                                  Tell me something about your house /flat .

                                  Tell me something about a famous person you like?

                                  Tell me something about a town or city you like.

                                  Tell me something about your favourite teacher.

                                  Tell me something about the food you like to eat.

                                  Tell me something about the weather you like.  



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