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                                  關于面試英語 你必知的精彩句型一覽(五)

                                  2017-06-23 11:16:19 來源:北外網課


                                  Were you in a leading position when you were a college stu-dent


                                  YesI was president of Student Union of ouruniversity.有,我曾擔任過學校的學生會主席。

                                  YesI served as the monitor for two years.有,我曾做過兩年班長。

                                  YesI was the class commissary in charge ofstudies.有,我曾擔任班級學習委員。

                                  Did you get any honors or rewards at your university?你讀大學時有沒有獲得過什么榮譽或獎勵?

                                  Yes,I got the university scholarship in 1994-1995 academic year.

                                  ,我在 1994 1995 年度獲得了校獎學金。Page8 of 16 Applying for a Job Converstation

                                  YesI won the first place in the EnglishOratorical Contest of our university in 1994

                                  有,我于 1994 年獲得校英語演講比賽第一名。

                                  YesI got the second place for the high jump inthe univer-sity spots meet in 1994

                                  有,我于 1994 年獲校運動會跳高比賽第二名。

                                  Were you involved in any club activities at your university


                                  YesI was in the chess club for four years.我四年都參加了象棋俱樂部。

                                  YesI was a violin player in the college orchestra.有,我曾擔任學校樂隊的小提琴演奏員。

                                  YesI was on the college basketball team.有,我曾擔任學校籃球隊隊員。

                                  What extracurricular activities did you usually take part in at yourcollege


                                  I usually went swimming in summer and went jogging in winter.


                                  I persisted in running every morning.我每天早晨都堅持跑步。

                                  I participated in Qi Gong training class in my junior year.我在三年級時曾參加過氣功訓練班。

                                  I usually took part in recreational activities.我通常參加文娛活動。

                                  I sometimes played table tennis and sometimes played basketball


                                  I joined the Communist Party of China in my junior year.我于大學三年級加入了中國共產黨。

                                  I received the secondclass reward in theOlympic Mathematics Competition of our province in 1993

                                  我于 1993 年獲得全省奧林匹克競賽二等獎。Page 9 of 16 Applying for aJob Converstation

                                  Playing chess cultivated my patience and perseverance.下象棋培養了我的耐心和毅力。

                                  Is there anything you regret not having done or would like to havedone differently at college


                                  I devoted almost all my time to my studiesand laid a goodsolid foundation of my major areaand that was good I thinkBut I thinkprobably it would have been better if I had gotten a little more involved inextracurricular activities.我把我幾乎所有時間都用到了學習上,因而在我的專業領域打下了良好而扎實的基礎,我認為這很好。但是我想如果我多參加一些課外活動,或許會更好。

                                  Was there any teacher who impressed you very deeply during yourstudent life


                                  In classhe was responsible in teaching and verystrict with us studentsBut out of classhe treated us as his own sons and daughters.在課堂上,他教學很負責,對我們學生要求很嚴格。但在課下,他卻把我們當成親生兒女一樣看待





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