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                                  关于面试英语 你必知的精彩句型一览(四)

                                  2017-06-23 11:13:20 来源:北外网课


                                  How were your scores at college?你在大学时成绩如何?

                                  They were all above average.成绩都在平均分以上。

                                  How are your grades all college?你读大学成绩如何?

                                  They are above average B.平均在 B 以上。

                                  Did you get a good record in English?你的英语成绩好吗?

                                  YesI obtained 92 marks in English.是的,我英语得了 92 分。

                                  Which band did you pass in College English Test?你通过了大学英语考试几级?

                                  I passed Band Four in College English Test.我通过了大学英语四级考试。

                                  How is your score in chemistry?你的化学成绩是多少?

                                  It's 88 points88 分。

                                  In what subject did you get the highest marks?你哪门科目得分最高?

                                  What records did you get at middle school?你在中学成绩如何?

                                  I got excellent records96 points average.我成绩优秀,平均 96 分。

                                  I am ranked the second of my class in terms of average marks.按?#25484;?#22343;分数,我名列全班第二。

                                  How do you think the education you've received will con-tribute toyour work in this institution


                                  I have already learned a lot in the classroom and I hope to be ableto make practical use of it in business in your company.我在课堂上学了很多东西,我希望能在贵公司把它?#23548;试?#29992;到商务活动中

                                  In macroeconomics.是宏观经济学(得了最高分)。

                                  In what subject did you get the lowest marks?在哪一门课你得分最低?

                                  BesidesI was aware of the importance of learningEnglish wellNowadays every enterprise would prefer to hire a man who has a goodcommand of EnglishSo I worked hard at college on English


                                  These were so many formulas in mathematics class that they were hardfor me to remember


                                  How have you been getting on with your studies so far?到目前为止,你在校学习情况如何?

                                  According to the academic records I've achieved so farI am confident that I will get my Master of

                                  Business Administration degree this coming July

                                  根据至今我所取得的学习成绩,我敢肯定今年 7 月份我一定能获得 MBA 学位。

                                  What does your MBA thesis deal with?你的 MBA 硕士论文是关于什么的?

                                  It deals with macro-modulation in the socialist market economy






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