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                                  关于面试英语 你必知的精彩句型一览(三)

                                  2017-06-23 11:09:03 来源:北外网课


                                  Would you tell me what educational background you have?请告诉我你的学历好吗?

                                  Which school or college did you attend?你上过哪个专科学校或大学?

                                  Which university did you graduate from?你从哪个大学毕业?

                                  I graduated from middle school in 1988.我是 1988 年从中学毕业的。

                                  I am a graduate of Shanghai Polytechnics.我是上海理工大学毕业生。

                                  I am a college graduate.我是大学毕业生。

                                  I have a BSdegree.?#19968;?#24471;理学士学位。

                                  Which schools have you attended?你上过一些什么学校?

                                  I finished primary school in 1986and enteredmiddle school that SeptemberI graduated from high school in July of1992 and then I entered Beijing University

                                  1986 年小学毕业,同年 9 月进入中学。1992 7 月毕业后进入北京大学。

                                  What's your major in university?你在大学主修什么?

                                  EconomicsI'm especially interested inEconomic Development of China”.


                                  What are your major and minor subjects?你的主修课和副课都是些什么?

                                  My major subject is Economics and my minor subject is Eng-lish.我主修经济学,副课是英语。

                                  What course do you like best?你最喜欢什么课程?

                                  I was very interested in Business ManagementAnd I think it's very useful for my present work


                                  What degree have you received?你得到过什么学位?

                                  When and where did you receive your MBA degree


                                  I received my MBA degree from Beijing University in 1994

                                  我于 1994 年在北京大学获得的工商管理硕士学位

                                  What department did you study in?你就读哪一个系?

                                  I was in Department of Physics.我读的是物理系。

                                  How were your scores at college?你的考试成绩怎么样?

                                  They were all excellent.门门都是优秀。

                                  What do you think is the relationship between the subjects you havetaken and the job you are seeking for你觉得你曾修读的科目和你申请的这份工作有什么关系?

                                  I have taken courses on office administrationtypingreports and correspondence writingBesidesI'm also taking a Chinese type writingcourseI think all these are closely related to the job of a junior secretarybecause it requires the ability to perform general office works and to assistthe manager in handling all paper works我曾修读办公室管理、打字、报告及书信写作等课程,此外我正在学习中文打字。这些课程均与一个初级秘书的工作有密切关系,因为她必须懂得一般办公室的工作及协助上司处理往来文件。

                                  How are you getting on with your studies?你的成绩如何?

                                  I'm doing well at school.我在学校成绩很好。

                                  Which subject are you least interested in?你对哪一科最不?#34892;?#36259;?

                                  Not because the subject was boringbut thelarge amount of material that have to be memorizedItleft no room to appreciate the wisdom of great people in the past.并非因为它沉闷,而是因为有太多资料要背?#26657;?#20197;至于没有任何空间去真正欣赏前人的智慧。





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