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                                  关于面试英语 你必知的精彩句型一览(一)

                                  2017-06-23 10:53:38 来源:北外网课


                                  Excuse meMay I see Mr. John Wattthe manager?劳驾。请问我能见经理约翰·瓦特先生吗?

                                  It's meWhat can I do for you?本人就是。你有什么事?

                                  May I help you?你有什么事吗?

                                  I have come at your invitation for an interviewNice to meet youMr. Watt


                                  Please sit down.请坐。

                                  Won't you take a seat?请坐。

                                  Please take a seat.请坐下。

                                  Thank yousir.谢谢,先生。

                                  I've come to apply for the position as office clerk.我是来应聘办公室文员一职的。

                                  I've invited several candidates to come todayYou are the first one to have arrived


                                  You probably know that this interview is mostly to test your oralEnglishso just relaxand let's have a chatshall we?你可能已经知道这次面谈主要想测试一下你的英语口语能力,所以让

                                  We have received your letter and resumeand we thought we would like to ask you to come here for aninterview.我们已收到你的信和简历,想请你来参加面试。

                                  We have received your letter in answer to our advertisementI would like to talk with you regarding ur qualifications for thisposition.我们已收到你应聘的信,我想和你谈谈关于你应聘的事。

                                  I am very glad to know that my letter and resume have been received


                                  It is a great pleasure for me to have this opportunity for interview


                                  I am very happy that I am qualified for this interview.我非常高?#22235;?#33719;得这个面谈机会

                                  YesI'm here for an interview as requested.是的,我是应约来此面试的。

                                  Nice to meet you.见到你很高兴。

                                  Have you brought your credentials?你带证明材料来了吗?

                                  Yeshere they are.是的,给你。

                                  This is my ID cardThis is my diplomaAnd this is my certificate of nurse qualifications


                                  I'm Edward Snowthe manager of Human Resources Department


                                  What's your name?你叫什么名字?

                                  What's your surname?你姓什么?

                                  What's your family name?你姓什么?

                                  What's your given name?你的名是什么?

                                  What's your full name?你的全名是什么?

                                  Can you tell me what your full name isplease?你能告诉我你的全名吗?

                                  How do you spell your family name?你的姓怎么拼?

                                  May I have your name please?请问你叫什么?





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