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                                  **部分  常用段首句


                                  1. Many people do not doubt that A is superior to B, while others think quite differently on the issue of _____. Personally, I stand on the side of A.

                                  2. Some people say A, other people argue B. In a word, _____. But I cannot agree this point of view for many reasons.

                                  3. There are different views concerning this topic. Some people like to choose A, some prefer to choose B. Personally, I prefer B. I think B has more advantages.

                                  4. From my point of view, it is more advisable to choose A than to choose B.

                                  5. Despite the fact that most people prefer A, I would like to choose B because the following reasons.

                                  6. In general, I prefer to _____.

                                  7. As far as I am concerned, I would like to prefer _____.

                                  8. When it comes to _____, most people tend to believe A. But others consider B as _____.

                                  9. When asked about _____, the vast majority of people would support that A. But others regard B as _____.

                                  10. At the risk of address the issue too direct, I prefer A because I think that _____.

                                  11. When asked about _____, many people give their opinions that _____, but other people may see _____ differently.

                                  12. When faced with _____, quite a few would claim that _____, but others, in contrast, deem _____ as _____.

                                  13. When inquired about _____, the vast majority of people would like to _____, but other people, who hold an opposite view, consider _____ as _____.

                                  14. When _____ is mentioned _____, most people believe that _____, but other people would rather think _____ as _____.

                                  15. While many people may stick to me idea that _____, I would like to prefer _____.


                                  A. Agree
                                         1. One of the greatest writers once said that _____. Now, it still has its significant realistic value.

                                  2. I would follow the reasoning that _____.

                                  3. Many people advocate that _____. They claim that _____. My opinion is the same as theirs in the following reasons.

                                  4. I totally agree with the statement that _____. The reasons are presented below.

                                  5. After pondering this question on many occasions, I finally reached the conclusion that _____ is something worthy to do and I cannot skip it.

                                  6. My arguments for point are listed as follows.

                                  7. I agree with the above statement because _____.

                                  8. Nowhere in the world has the issue of _____ been so much debated like in our society.

                                  9. I agree with the statement that _____ without reservation because _____.

                                  10. Thinking logically, I can only say that the title statement is valid because _____.

                                  11. I fully support the statement above because I am very sure that _____.

                                  B. Disagree
                                         1. Until recently, _____ was viewed as _____. But people are taking a fresh look at

                                  2. Recently, we often hear about _____. But is it?

                                  3. These days, it is often heard about _____. But is this really the truth?

                                  4. I feel such an attitude is negative, and that it can bring _____.

                                  5. Some people argue as if it is a general truth that _____. But to be frank, I cannot agree with them for the flowing reasons.

                                  6. Despite the fact that many people believe that _____, I doubt whether the argument can bear much analysis.

                                  7. Although some people hold the opinion that _____, I wonder whether the argument could bear close examination.

                                  8. In the nationwide, discussion, many people argue that _____. But I can say nothing but _____.

                                  9. Advocates of AAA proclaim that _____, but I _____.

                                  10. Until recently, _____ was regarded as _____. But _____.

                                  11. Some people think that _____, but I disagree with this opinion for numerous reasons, as presented below.

                                  12. Now, it is increasingly mentioned that _____. Such people think _____. But I can only cast doubt on whether _____.

                                  13. Now, it is widely believed that _____. These people think _____. But I wonder if

                                  14. I cannot totally the idea that _____. Because, in my point of view, I believe _____.

                                  15. As a matter of fact, I support that _____, but I cannot agree with the title statement .

                                  16. Nowadays, it is widely held that _____. People of this kind think _____ .But I doubt whether _____.

                                  第二部分  常用结尾句

                                  1. Taking into account of all these factors, we may reach the conclusion that_____.

                                  2. All reliable evidences point to one saying, that is _____.

                                  3. For the reasons presented above, I strongly commit to the notion that _____.

                                  4. While it is true that _____, I think that _____.

                                  5. Given the factors I have just outlined, I can only say that _____.

                                  6. This is not to say that _____. But in terms of _____, it is _____.

                                  7. Therefore, it is easy to draw the conclusion that _____.

                                  8. Recognizing the fact that _____ should drive us to conclude that _____.

                                  9. To put all into a nutshell, I _____.



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