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                                    一. 图表部分


                                    The chart aims at comparing the performance of …./revealing the significant differences of …../illustrating…..


                                    1. 开头(**个/类事物):a. According to the survey results…./In general…/Generally speaking…. b. (叙述排名)The overall highest ..was obtained by A, followed by B and then C.

                                    2. 第二个/类:a. 同类。 Bshowed the same performance/trend although at a different level/although not to the same extent b. 不同类。In comparison,…/In contrast…/On the contrary/The situation in B is quite different

                                    3. 第三个/类事物:C, however, are likely to fluctuate….或As for C….

                                    4. 常用句子及短语:

                                    a. The contribution of sth./the…that sth. Contributed…increased/dropped…

                                    b. 被等分:主体were almost equally divided between A, B and C

                                    c. 正反比:be in (inverse反)proportion to

                                    d. 描述某事物之后有波动…, suffering minor fluctuations.

                                    e. 两事物本来有差别,后差别加大:the difference became more pronounced ….

                                    f. 描述某一事物两个阶段的不同走势:A increased slightly, followed by a sharp decrease…./A decreased to 数A in year A before recovering/picking up at around 数B in year B

                                    g. 注意将数据量化,如:a third/fourth of 总体…/A doubled/tripled ….

                                    h. 叙述不变的趋势:一,sth. Remained almost unchanged at 数量。。。二,sth did not vary much and remained just over/under 数量

                                    i. 两者对比?#33322;?#32461;整体情况,where the ratio is 15 to 13, the first representing the number of A and the latter-B

                                    j. 关于员工(数量、分布等):the staff situation.../...had/has a workforce of 数量

                                    k. …的人数最多:…dominate in 整体

                                    l. 一事物在两方面取得的进?#21073;篠th have/has achieved increases of 4% and 6% in A and B respectively


                                    a. 凑字数的话:In view of the levels/changes/differences/general trend of …we can draw the conclusion that…?#35805;悖篢o sum up/ In conclusion,…b. A and B did not show the same characteristics/ trends …

                                    c. The greatest/ highest/sth was obtained/gained/achieved by A and B ranked second while C came third.


                                    approximately precisely roughly nearly plant=factory

                                    whereas/nevertheless/yet/however/moreover/what’s more





                                    1. 开头:a. I’m writing on behalf of A company/department concerning …b. I’m writing to express my concern about…

                                    2. 具体阐述投诉?#24405;篴. Your …service was satisfactory until 时间,we found the standard of your …absolutely below expection. b. There have been numerous events which resulted in …,so allow me to name a few:… in addition,…c. please allow me to describe these flaws/problems with detail information.

                                    3. 描述我公司由此造成的损失:We were faced/confronted with the …problem due to your poor service

                                    4. 要求对方改进+不改进的威胁I do hope you address this issue/matter as top priority and re-establish the good …you used to provide, or else/otherwise, we will be forced/have to switch to other suppliers …


                                    1. 开头:Reference is made to your letter/concern regarding…Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. I’d like to apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.t

                                    2. 解释原因:It appears the main reason for the mistake was that…

                                    3. 提出解决措施:To well settle/deal with these problems/this issue

                                    4. 豪言壮语: I promise this is just a rare case and will not happen again in the future.

                                    5. 再次道歉+留住顾客:Once again, I am sorry for inconvenience caused. Hope you can accept my apologies and continue our business corporation.


                                    1. Joy E&I is a leading multinational company in the field of …


                                    Work-related/professional skills/educational background

                                    Relevant personal qualities: ambitious/team-oriented/responsibility/interpersonal skills/learning abilities

                                    建议a visit:

                                    Moreover, we would like to arrange a visit to our company/a meeting with your company in order for us to discuss it further. Please don’t hesitate to inform us of the date you are available.

                                    Useful words and expressions:

                                    In regards to/in terms of/as to/as for

                                    In addition/on top of that/besides

                                    Owing to/due to the fact that/as a result of/lead to导致


                                    On the occasion of…I’d like to convey my heartiest congratulations to your company.



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