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                                  TKT Task Type 1 – Matching

                                  2016-12-20 03:38:09

                                  TKT Task Type 1 – Matching

                                  Task Description

                                  Which module does this task type appear in?
                                  This task type can appear in all three modules of TKT.

                                  What are candidates required to do?
                                  Candidates are presented with a number of items, which may be statements, definitions, examples etc. The candidates need to match each of these items with one option from a list of a maximum of nine options. The list of options may be terms, concepts, purposes, advice etc.

                                  Are there any variations of this task type?
                                  Yes. There are two variations of the matching task.

                                  • One-to-one matching with a distractor – this variation has one extra option available as a distractor (e.g. 6 items and 7 options). A maximum of 9 options is available in this task type.

                                    This task type may also involve matching items drawn from an extract of text.

                                  • 3, 4 or 5 option matching – this variation has fewer options than questions, requiring candidates to consider using each option more than once.

                                  Understanding the Task

                                  To see examples of this task type please click on the link below.

                                  Examples of Matching Tasks (PDF)

                                  To understand better how candidates need to approach this task, it may help you to do the activity yourself and analyse what you had to do to find the right answer.

                                  Look at this sample matching task. Complete the task, thinking about how you are doing it.

                                  Sample Matching Task (PDF)

                                  Things to consider

                                  Now look at these questions about how you approached these tasks and consider your answers.

                                  1. What did you have to do to complete the task?

                                  2. What did you have to consider when answering?

                                  3. What did you learn about the task from reading the instructions?

                                  4. What area of the TKT syllabus is covered in this task?

                                  5. Was any of the language ‘teaching specific’?





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